How to buy a new gravel bike

By Chris HockingA new bike is never far away – and for the best reason.

In a world where it’s becoming harder to find a new bike, we look at how to buy the best value on the market.

As a result, it’s become increasingly common for a bike buyer to go for a kit or two, to ensure they have everything needed for a year or two before they need a new one.

But what about if you’ve got an older bike and are hoping for a new machine?

We look at some of the options available and see what they offer for an old bike.

Read more on the new kit option.

What to look out forWhen looking at new bike options, we’ll look at the biggest benefits that you’ll find when buying a kit.

Read on to find out how to shop for a gravel bike and find out more about the new gravel kit option, which is offered by Shimano.

How to buy new kitWhat you need to know when buying new gravel bikes:What you should look out to:Riding on your new kit:There’s no denying that it’s easier to get on the bike when you’ve bought the kit, but if you want to keep it for a few more years, then you should consider some of these points:Ride on your kit:The new kit should be able to withstand the pressure of your new bike when it’s ridden, and should have the best riding position and grip for you.

If it’s too big to fit in the front wheel, or if you prefer not to use a bike hub, you’ll need to get an alternative one.

You may find that the kit doesn’t have enough space for the pedals, saddle and pedals, or you may be able in future to fit a wider bike.

You can choose from three options:A standard bike hub – or the Shimano SPD Pedal Hubs.

A wider wheel – or a longer wheel, which will be much more stable and comfortable to ride.

A bike hub which fits in the bike tube and is designed to be attached to the front tube.

A narrower wheel, designed for long-distance riding, or for short-distance commuting.

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What you get:A full kit, with all the accessories you need.

We looked at the options offered by the Shimo brand, and we can tell you that this kit is the cheapest option on the table.

If you’re looking for a basic kit, then the Shimos SPD Pedals are the way to go, but for a bigger bike you can get a Shimano Folding Shifters, or even a Shimos Pedals Pro.

You’ll get everything you need, from your pedals, to your saddle and the handlebars, and even a saddle bag, if you opt for a Shimono Folding Saddle.

Read our full guide on Shimano’s gravel kit, which includes a saddlebag.

What if you’re buying a full kit?

What you’ll getWhen buying a new kit, you should be looking for something that’s suitable for your new ride. 

We looked into how much you could expect to spend on the Shimotec Pedals, which are designed for touring and long-term commuting. 

The Pedals’ £2,799 price tag isn’t cheap by any means, but they’re the cheapest kit on offer.

They’re designed to work with the Shimono hubs, so you’ll want to check out our full Shimomotive guide for more information on how they work.

Read all about Shimomotion’s gravel bike range for more details on Shimomotec’s pedals and saddlebags.

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