Why did the road kill our road to a world record?

RTE 2.5 million people are expected to turn out to the first ever “Black Star” gravel track event on Friday, September 25, with more than 70 events scheduled across the country.

The event is being staged in honour of Black Star, a Welsh rock band from the 1960s who died in 2006.

The rockers’ songs were the inspiration for the event and are still used today.

In its most recent song “Hymns to the Black Star”, the band played to a crowd at Glastonbury in June.

The organisers said the event is not only an event for fans but also for the local community and the wider community.

“We’re creating a legacy that’s a bit of a legacy for this country and for Wales,” said Gary McEwen, the event’s founder and chief executive.

He added: “We’re making it clear to the community that we’re not interested in making this event for ourselves.

We’re looking for other people to come along and have a go at it.”

We want this event to be about the people of the Black Rose and what it meant to be part of this great Welsh community.

“It’s going to be an event that is going to bring together people of all ages, from all walks of life, from the young up to the oldest, and we’re looking forward to that.”

A new edition of the event, called the “Black Stars Classic”, will be held at the weekend.

There are plans for a series of events on Friday including a road race in the Dales, an Irish-style golf tournament, a speed-walking and biking event in Newport and a rock concert in Swansea.