Travis’ ride of the century: Ride of the year

Travis’ Ride of Year was a pretty good ride.

The Ride of a Lifetime was a little less so.

But in all, it was a great day for Travis and his family.

“We rode over 4,500 km and we’ve been going for three weeks now,” Travis said.

Travis rode the Ride of Life.

(CBC)”It was an adventure.

I was so proud of my wife and son and we all got a good ride and I got to see the country and the people.”

Tyson and his son, Connor, rode the other ride of their life.

It was the only ride they did together on the trip.

Connor said he’s excited to be able to ride again.

“It’s great to be back on the road and I can just look out my window and see the mountains and see our family and friends,” he said.

Travis, along with his wife and three kids, rode around the world, taking in a lot of different sights and a lot more than he had done before.

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