Former Obama aide: I am ‘in love’ with Trump

Former Obama campaign aide Michelle Williams, who served as a senior adviser to President Barack Obama’s 2016 campaign, said on Thursday that she is “in love” with President Donald Trump and he “has made me a better person.”

Williams, who is a self-described Republican, was a senior advisor for Obama in 2016.

She told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that she feels a lot of “love” for Trump, but she also has doubts about him.

“I think he’s a guy who’s kind of a loner,” Williams said of Trump.

“And I think he has made me less of a person.

I think I’ve become more of a man.

I’m a better, more loving person.”

Watch the full interview here:Williams said she has had “no doubt” that Trump is the best candidate for the White House, but has not made a decision about which candidate she would vote for.

“So I’ve had no choice,” she said.

“But I’ve certainly heard from people like me who are on the fence about who to support.

And it’s a difficult process, you know, you have to figure out if you’re voting for him, or if you want to say ‘I’m not voting for Trump.'”

Williams was the top advisor for the Obama campaign and was part of Obama’s “red team” strategy to get out the vote.

“It was a strategy where we went to a lot more rural places, we went out to the suburbs, we talked to voters,” Williams told ABC News.

“We really talked to people.”

During her time as Obama’s deputy chief of staff, Williams said, she often felt “betrayed” by the Obama administration.

“When I came in, it was the first time that I felt like I didn’t belong in that White House,” Williams, now an adjunct professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, told ABC.

“What I felt was betrayed by my people.

It was not the people who were doing the work that was the problem.

It’s the people that were not doing the jobs that were the problem.”

Williams’ comments come as the Democratic National Committee is preparing to release a full list of its potential candidates for the Oval Office, a list that includes Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as well as former Maryland Gov.

Martin O’Malley.

Sanders, a former U.S. senator, has said he is considering running for the presidency.

He has not announced his intentions.

While Williams’ comments may be a sign that the Democratic Party is beginning to turn its attention toward the general election, they may also be an indication that some of the party’s 2016 presidential hopefuls are more interested in running for office than in helping elect Trump.

Former Florida Gov.

Jeb Bush, who endorsed Clinton during her presidential bid, told The Associated Press on Thursday he would not be running for president.

“There’s a very strong sense of the American people saying ‘No, we’re going to vote for someone else,'” Bush said.

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb has also not indicated whether he will run for president, though he has previously said he would do so if Clinton wins the presidency, a position that is considered highly unlikely.

In January, Webb said he has “no intention” of running for any office but that he is “looking forward to the 2016 election.”