How to Edit Your Pictures like a Pro

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts, lately senior year has been harder than I expected. But we are finishing this semester off strong! I wanted to give a little how-to to people who are looking to grow their following on Instagram, and also create a beautiful feed, by editing your pictures!


I know when I first started using Instagram, I would use whatever filter I thought looked best with the picture. I soon learned that it is more about using one or two filters throughout your feed on every picture. This creates a better looking and more unified feed than if you used whatever filter you wanted. First, it is important to use filters and other photo editing apps in a way that you like. Some people prefer darker, monotone pictures; while other prefer bright colors. I am more of a bright color fan myself, so I want to stick to blues and oranges, in a darker contrast.


There are so many fun apps out there you can download for free to edit your pictures! I have tried so many but I will list my current favorites, and I also use most of these apps to edit my pictures.

  • – VSCO:
  • This is my favorite app so far. It is very simple to use and you can actually create beautiful pictures, without having to pay a price. This is also a social media app, where you can post your pictures to a feed an develop a following. I particularly like this app because it does not show the amount of followers or likes, just people posting whatever they like.
  • – HUJI:
  • This is the app that took over your feed for a while. Vintage looking photos with the time stamp and random flashes through the picture. This app is great for taking pictures on the spot, but the free version does not let you actually edit pictures.
  • HUJI
  • – PicsArt:
  • This is another must have app for photo editing. A little more complicated to use, but great features that let you fix blemishes, warp the picture, add stickers, light flashes, and much much more! I only use it for the basic needs, but once you get the hang of it, this could be your one stop shop.
  • picsart
  • – Dazz:
  • One of the simpler apps that create a vintage feel again (can you tell I like vintage looking photos). Just take a picture or select one from your photos, and gives you really cool pictures, but works best with darker photos.
  • dazz
  • VSCO Settings

  • Like I said before, you don’t just have to use the same Instagram filter to edit all your pictures. You can also change the setting. I usually use VSCO for this because it is easier and you can save your work to apply it to all your pictures. The presets I used for the VSCO picture was…
  • – P5 filter
  • – Exposure -2
  • – Contrast -.5
  • – Temperature -.6
  • – Tint -3
  • – Saturation +.5
  • – Highlights Blue +7.5
  • I hope that makes sense for everyone that is not used to VSCO, but it can be simple to learn. By changing the presets of the pictures, you can give your images a slight filter, while still having them all look-alike.


I hope this helps make your feed look even better!

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