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I just recently went to everyone’s favorite store, Target. As always, you go in for one things but end up leaving with stuff you didn’t even know you needed. This particular trip was meant for face primer since I ran out a while ago. So here is some of the new stuff I got and what I think!

Elf Poreless Primer


Elf is one of my favorite brand to get stuff like this. The products are all cruelty free which is always a plus! Their products are all really cheap but some are hit or miss. Their face primer in particular is a huge hit.  It goes on soft and you only need a little to cover your whole face. They have different options as well. I got the poreless primer because my friend suggested it to me, but in the past I bought the purple one that is supposed to even out your skin tone. I do not know if it did that, but it primed my face just the way it should.

Elf Matte Setting Spray


This is my first setting spray I have ever bought because I didn’t think It would do much. With this product you could actually feel your makeup setting into your skin. It helps keep it on all day and doesn’t smudge off as easily as If you chose not to use it at all. When you’re done with your makeup, spray you’re whole face a couple of times and let dry. Let the spray do the work. This cost me like $3 and it is a good sized container.

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Raw Sugar Hair Mask


I got this one sale for only $8. This brand is not much more expensive than that normally and you get a huge tub of it! This is a deep conditioner that you are supposed to put on your hair after you condition for five minutes. I tried it that way, and I also applied it to my roots when I got out of the shower. Both ways worked great and left my hair shiny and smooth.

Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara


This one I know is popular. I heard somewhere they sell one every five seconds! And it should. This mascara does wonders. It really does what is says its going to do. Lengthens and volumizes to the max. Overall, great product. Definitely one to always have on hand. Good price, too!

Ardell Magnetic Lashes


I have been wanting to try out magnetic lashes since I first heard about them. These are great, but take some getting used to. It may look like you have four separate lashes, but you need two to go on both sides of your real lashes. I didn’t get full lashes, only the ones that go on the ends to make a sort of cat-eye look. I’m a big fan of the cat eye. These are great because you don’t have to put mascara on them and there’s no glue so they don’t get ruined after the first couple times of wearing them.

Be careful when taking them off the adhesive case because I put them on their to take the picture, and when I took them off, one of the magnets ripped off with it! Completely useless now. They were fun and nice to use, but be careful with them!

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Target Products Overall

Overall successful trip to Target. I got some good deals and tried out some new products. I suggest Elf if you want to try something new out because it is so affordable. One product I got from there that I didn’t like was the mascara. But for a couple bucks more just get the Cover Girl one and you’re all set! Let me know what you think and what you got on your last trip tot target

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