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Recently, I have been pretty stressed out with finals coming up and other personal issues. Whenever I am stressed the only thing to do is spend a whole pay check online shopping! Can anyone else relate? Probably. So I am going to be doing a product review today of my new goodies! I will also give links to websites on where I got my stuff from for anyone that is interested. Nothing but the best for my subscribers.

The Pamela One Piece

Sunny Co. Clothing’s Pamela one piece suit, it is amazing! As you all know if you have been keeping up with my last post, I have recently became a brand ambassador for this company. And they have proved themselves to me. This is the famous one piece that took over the internet May of last year. They did the exact same giveaway this year and I got the Alyssa two piece, I’ll talks about later on. 


I am around 5’6 about 130 and I got a large. Usually, I am a small in everything but I know swimsuits are tricky to buy online so I always size up. Love this color red, but they just released so many more colors! Turquoise, lavender, mint green, you name it. Very open in the back and not too cheeky which is what I was looking for. The only problem I did have with this suit, and many others, is the padding. It came kind of wrinkled but I just took that out and it looks way better. Overall great quality.

I would suggest if you have a bigger bust to maybe steer clear of this style suit as the there is not much coverage. It basically only covers the front, but I like it that way since I am only a C cup. This company does offer other styles that I have seen worked very well with sizes D and up.

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I also got the style that has adjustable straps. I know some of the older models do not have this option, but it really helps make the suit fit better. That is another reason to size up because if it’s too big you could always adjust it without sacrificing cheeky-ness. This is the only picture I have of the Pamela, sadly. I think it does a good job of showing off how revealing the sides are, though. I love paring it with jeans for a whole look.


Sunny Dad Hat



I also got a hat. This hat is perfect! I got it in navy blue and it has the cutest sea-horse on it, which is their logo. Even if you do not want to advertise the brand, this sea-horse is too cute. Fit I really nice. I know sometimes hats seem like they were not made with the customers head shape in mind, but this is done beautifully. Also has an adjustable strap.

The Alyssa Two Piece

Sorry for the bad quality photo, I just wanted to show this one off right away. Super cute vintage design with stripes, high waisted bottoms, and a little tie in front. SO CUTE. This is one of my favorites. Great quality. Great coverage. Great design. Enough said.



Here’s the link to get some of the gear: Sunny Co. Clothing

As always, let me know what you think!

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