The Ultimate Guide to Getting your Dorm Organized


Moving into a new place can be exciting, overwhelming, and a little hectic. I remember how hard it was moving my entire life into half of a small room my freshman year of college. The most important thing you need to do is getting organized. With such a small space, it is important to utilize every inch. This can be had if you’re like me and just have so much stuff. Here are some tips that helped me!

Old Containers

I am somewhat of a pack rat. I never like to throw out old containers because they can always be used again. For example, I use my old candle containers for jewelry. I have a lot of necklaces, bracelets, and rings. One you clean out the candle wax, it is perfect for little trinkets! Bonus points if your candles have a lid, like some of mine I get from Francesca’s.

I also have used old hair treatment containers for other beauty remedies like my DIY Tea Tree oil face scrub you can read below,

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There is always a good way to reduce, reuse, and recycle your old containers that help keep things together.

Wall Hangings

I suggest you invest in organization cork boards with magnetic sides. These things are amazing! Great for writing down your new class schedule, keeping up with upcoming assignments, and attaching containers to even keep pens and pencils in. You could get small mason jars from the thrift store by your house and attach some strong magnets to them so your office supplies hang nicely and doesn’t take up room on your desk.

Trust me your desk will probably get messy throughout the busy year and mason jars make everything look cuter.

I also got a hanging shoe rack that goes on the back of my door. This was very helpful because of my ever-growing shoe collection. Helps keep things off of the floor so you have more room there too.

Organized Boxes

These things you can find at Target or Amazon. I like to keep these on my desk for tea bags, nail polish, note cards, and other miscellaneous items. I also keep one in my bathroom for all my makeup! Makeup is a big one. If you’re makeup isn’t organized, you don’t feel organized either. These small things can help you keep track of everything.

University Planners

I have always been a big fan of day planners. Not only do I write down all of the assignments I have to do, but it is also helpful with personal events going on, office hours, or other things you need to keep track of during the week. I suggest getting one from your particular school instead of one from your local book store or something because one’s from your school contain various events going on around campus. My university planner has sporting events listed, days off school listed, and more. Very helpful.

Loft Your Beds

I always knew I wanted a lofted bed because of how cute it looked, but once I did, I realized how much you optimize your space by doing so. In my building, I was able to put my whole dresser underneath giving me a lot of extra space. I also put packing items like suitcases and boxes under my bed to save room in my small closet. You could also keep your shoes lined up down there as well! The possibilities ae endless when it comes to room under your lofted bed.

I hope some of these tips helped give you ideas on how to make the most of your small space. Let me know what you have done to utilize your spaces!


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