Top 3 MUST Have Beauty Items

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I think it is about time to share some of my beauty must haves. These three things are something no one should live without in my opinion. They have helped me so much throughout the past couple of years and I swear by them. I would not brag about something I don’t think works or is not worth buying. Even though all of the items are fairly cheap anyway. So let’s get started!

Tea Tree Oil

All time fave. This particular oil has anti-fungal properties that are key in treating acne. There is not a lot of research done that proves this but it has helped me out a ton. I struggled with acne for many years and nothing quite worked for spot treatments except this one. If you are interested in using this for fast acne treatment I suggest diluting it with some water and test it out first. (I am no doctor, but I KNOW you have to be careful not to consume it in any way. Topical only)


One thing I like to do with tea tree besides putting it directly on a zit before bed is making my own exfoliating face scrub! Super easy and made with all natural ingredient’s I found in my house. You could read all about this one below

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Another way my family uses TTO is in our steamer. We have this big clunky furniture steamer and we put some drops of the oil in it to kill any nasty bacteria living in our couches. Not only is this a great beauty hack, it can also be used around the house!


Apple Cider Vinegar

Actually, this might be my all-time fave. I am sure many people know of the benefits of ACV but here are some of the ways I use it in my everyday life. Like I said before, I have always had skin problems. ACV helped with this too! I would put it on a cloth and rub directly on my face for a toner! You do not need an expensive toner! I have acne scars and redness and I would use this a couple times a week, and not too long after, my skin started looking more even. My family had a bottle lying around never used and I decided to give it a try. I am never looking back. This really helped out with my acne and my overall redness!

After using it for that reason, I got hooked. ACV is also helpful in losing weight and bloating. I try to drink a tablespoon every day. I like to put it in some green tea (also very beneficial) and mix it with honey. You might have to get used to the taste at first, but now I actually like it. This stuff really helped with bloating for me.


One last reason I swear by ACV is because it helps combat heartburn. Particularly this year, I have been having heartburn all the time!!!! It is horrible. I think it is because I got my own apartment and I have been eating a lot of red sauce and eating a little too late at night. But since I have been drinking the green tea, ACV, and honey, I think the heartburn has been kept at bay. Not a single sleepless night since.


Coconut Oil

This is a given. So many different uses for this oldie but a goodie. Need some oil for your pan? Coconut oil. Hair feeling a little dry? Coconut oil. Need some healthier fats and oils? Coconut oil. Price sticker not coming off? Coconut oil. Skin feel dry? Coconut oil. Shoes a little dull? Coconut oil. Want to whiten you teeth overtime? Coconut oil. Want to make a lip/face scrub? Coconut oil. Ring not coming off? Coconut oil. No makeup wipes? Coconut oil. Stuck zipper? Coconut oil.

I sound like a broken record with this one, but it’s true. You really can use coconut oil for literally anything. It’s very moisturizing and natural. Won’t kill you if you ingest it. If you do not already have one of these in your cabinets, GET IT.


So I hope I gave you guys some ideas with these products to use in your everyday life. They have really helped me out or else I wouldn’t take the time to talk about it. Let me know how you use these products! I would love to hear some more ideas.

16 thoughts on “Top 3 MUST Have Beauty Items

  1. I love tee tree oil and ACV, but I just haven’t been able to jump on the coconut oil trend yet. I didn’t think that ACV would really do the things people claim it does, but after using it for a couple of weeks I was sold.

  2. I use all three products and agree they are essential. I use tea tree for a pre-wash scalp treatment, coconut oil for oil pulling to detox, and a spoonful of apple cider vinegar to start my day (sometimes).

  3. Love all of these! I have been having some acne issues lately, so I definetly think I will try the tea tree oil as a spot on treatment, especially because it’s super inexpensive! Thanks for sharing! I will let you know how it works for me 🙂

  4. When I was breastfeeding I was allergic to the lanolin everyone says to get for cracked nipples, so when I went back to my OB she told me to use coconut oil. Like you said, its completely safe to ingest, even for babies, and it heals faster than lanolin and doesn’t feel as nasty on my skin. I will def have to try Apple Cider vinegar though! Everyone is raving about it!

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