5 Tips You Need to Know Before Going to Starbucks

I have been working at the Starbucks on my campus for over a year now and absolutely love it. I have heard many things about being a barista, but my experiences were all positive. I live, eat, and breathe everything bux.
I work the closing shift this semester, so we have plenty of time to test out different ingredients in some of the popular drinks. So here is my list of the different recipes I have tried (and loved) from Starbucks.

1. The Strawberry Banana Smoothie.

This is a popular one for all the gym rats who need a drink with some protein in it after a workout. Our smoothie is made with 2% milk and it is so good. We made it even better with subbing out that milk with apple juice. Tastes more like a fruity smoothie. And it is better if you are trying to enjoy a tasty smoothie without much dairy. Of course you could also change-up the milks if you wish to. Some options are Soy, Almond, Coconut, Whole, and Non-fat.

2. The Strawberry Acai Refresher.

This particular refresher is one of our most popular. (Also, just an extra tip it is pronounced a-sigh-ee not a-kai). One thing you could try differently with this drink is getting it blended. I suggest subbing out the water with lemonade or extra strawberry juice. We do not need to water down the drink by adding more water in addition to the ice. This drink really is refreshing on a hot summer day. Another bonus tip to keep in mind if you are looking to get more bang for your buck is to ask for light ice. When ordering any grande refresher with light ice, we measure out the juice on the venti side, then just add light ice to the normal grade size. So its like getting a venti for the price of a grande!

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3. The Chai Latte.

Lots of people know this already but the vanilla chai beats the regular chai any day. You could also get lightly sweetened chai if you’re looking to opt out of all that sugar. (But who really wants to do that). I have also tried the chai latte with apple juice; also very good. (I just love our apple juice) (you can pretty much put it in anything) (optimum fruit flavor). Just some suggestions if you want to spice up your normal routine.

4. The Vanilla Bean Latte.

This is a very strange drink that I just tried the other night. It is the vanilla bean powder that we use in the Frappuccino, and milk. I tried this without espresso and it tasted just like vanilla ice cream. I haven’t tried it with espresso but I think that would be good too. This is great for the kiddos that want a vanilla sort of hot chocolate. Extra tip: Looking for a cookies and cream flavored frappuccino? Order the vanilla bean with java chips. Tastes just like Oreos!

5. The Carmel Apple Spice.

I highly recommend this drink! Definitely a better fall drink than the pumpkin spice latte (in my opinion). Tastes like apple pie but the other night my co-worker came up with a cold blended version. Ask for apple juice to the bottom line (they’ll know what this all means, barista talk), and cream to the second line, and pumps of cinnamon dolce (you can also ask for sugar-free cinnamon dolce as well as light-sugar base in Frappuccino’s). This is the perfect fall drink! So refreshing and tastes like apple pie.

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These drinks and substitutions all come highly recommended by yours truly and by the rest of my co-workers. If any of these sound good to you, try it out!!! I would love to hear back on what you all thought or even more suggestions.

6 thoughts on “5 Tips You Need to Know Before Going to Starbucks

  1. This post is so helpful! I live in Australia and we have limited Starbucks but there’s one around the corner from my place and I never know what to order!

  2. I am actually going to Starbucks tomorrow after my dental appointment (haha teeth), but I usually get the chai latte. Thank you for sharing this list, the strawberry acai refresher sounds good!

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