50 Ideas you Should Blog About

Here’s the link to print out the free list of ideas! Things to blog about

I know it can be hard to start a new blog from scratch but I have a list of ideas you could write about to get you started. I like to keep a list in my notes on my phone about possible blogging ideas to keep it organized. You want to write content that is personalized to YOU and also things that are helpful for others. So with that in mind, here’s my ultimate list of blog ideas you could start writing about today!

50 Ideas to Write About on your Blog

  1. Summer bucket lists
  2. Summer activities to do in your city
  3. Recipes
  4. How tos
  5. Lists! Like this one!
  6. Product reviews
  7. DIYS
  8. Outfit ideas
  9. Relationship advice
  10. Motivation
  11. Workout ideas
  12. Healthy lifestyles
  13. Daily routines: skin care, hair, getting ready
  14. College tips
  15. Highschool tips
  16. Goals for the year
  17. Life hacks
  18. Outfit of the day
  19. Plans for the future
  20. Do a guest post
  21. Tutorials
  22. Starting a blog
  23. Solutions to common problems
  24. Something you’re passionate about
  25. Something you want to try
  26. Organization tips
  27. Advice
  28. Traveling
  29. Winter activities
  30. Preparing for prom
  31. Preparing for any event really
  32. Starting something new
  33. Outfit ideas
  34. Hair dying tips
  35. How you get creative
  36. Starting a business
  37. Greek life
  38. Healthy snack alternatives
  39. Writing tips
  40. Products not worth buying
  41. Products worth buying
  42. Apps you love
  43. Blogs you love
  44. Affiliate programs
  45. Wellness
  46. Netflix suggestions
  47. Goals accomplished and how you did it
  48. Starting a new job
  49. Relaxation techniques
  50. Things you do for fun


There’s my 50 ideas to choose from to write about whether you’re just starting out a new blog, or youre hitting a bit of writers block. I hope some of these ideas help you kickstart your blog. Leave more suggestions in the comments! Here’s the printable again, Things to blog aboutthank yougifts foryour teacher

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