3 Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

I’m a firm believer in the saying, a little bit goes a long way. That can really relate to anything, but for this, I’m relating it to the little things you can do each day to live a healthier lifestyle. So these are just some reminders of things you should add to your everyday routine


This is especially important for college students. So many gain the freshman fifteen when they first come to college because it’s a new environment and you don’t have your moms homemade cooking anymore. It’s also a great time to ditch the car and walk to classes or work. Campuses are meant to be walk-able, and it helps you stay active. I generally walk at a fast pace and it sometimes gets my heart rate going. Walking is a great excercise for any age. So go for a walk, park far away, or take the long way home. Enjoy the outdoors!

Food Swaps

Carbs are definitely not a bad things, guys. It gives you energy and its perfect before a workout. But there are good carbs and bad carbs. I swapped out all of my white rice, bread, and pasta for whole grain options. It’s really the little things that help. You could also swap out sugary drinks with homemade fruit water (healthy, yummy, and save money) or energy drinks with some coffee and almond milk (my personal fave, I haven’t put sugar in my coffee in forever). Another easy option is buying your normal foods but with low sodium or low-fat. I try not to put any extra salt in my food because lots of ingredients already contain a good amount. Little changes you can make to your good diet go a long way.

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Lift weights

Lots of women I know are scared to go to the weight section of the gym because they don’t want to look ‘manly’. This isn’t true! If you’re a woman you have a woman’s body. We just aren’t built that way. You’re not going to get bulky by lifting 10 lbs a couple of days a week. I know many girls like to just stick to cardio, and although this is great, you can make little changes that will be beneficial to you. Remember, low weight high reps can tone; and high weight low reps can build muscle. I use 10 lb dumbbells a couple of days a week just in my room to tone up my arms and legs. I have not gotten bulky or anything. After lifting, your body is still burning calories and repairing those muscles. It’s also better for shaping your body. Running just wont do that, you need a balance.

I really hope these small tips helps everyone live a healthier lifestyle. Little changes go a long way. Everything takes time, so remember that. None of these are going to make you a fitness model or anything, but they are definitely important. Gradually change things and it will become second nature. So let me know some things you guys use in your everyday life to help stay fit and healthy! Id love the feedback.

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