Tips on Getting a Good Tan this Summer


Summer is in full swing and this can be a hard time for us Irish girls with fair skin to tan. Its weird, I’m the middle child, and both my other siblings can tan easily, but not me! They can spend one day in the sun and get a shade or two tanner, but for me I have to put in some work. I know some of you may have this type of issue but I am here to help!

First and most importantly, WEAR SUNSCREEN. I know many of you think this will not get you a tan, but trust me, it protects your skin from the harmful ray; especially if you are going to be laying out for hours on end or spending any time in the sun, really. It protects against the sun from damage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little tan on.


Start gradually. You’re not going to be a bronze goddess overnight. Essentially you are trying to build up a tan, and once you do, it will become easier to achieve that glow from then on. Start with an SPF 20-50 sunscreen all over and lay out for about a half hour to an hour depending on how fair your skin is. Don’t forget the face! Do this a couple of times a week and you will start seeing some tan lines.

I did this consistently throughout the summer of ’16 and got a great glow! The summer of ’17, I didn’t even have to lay out as much because I built it up. That’s very important. Keep your skin protected, moisturizer, and don’t spend too long in direct sunlight.

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Still not tan enough?

I’m a big fan of Jergen’s Sunless Tan, as I’m sure many of you are. You can purchase this product at any drugstore. Target is my go-to. This product is great because you can gradually apply it to your desired shade. I also like how it’s basically a tinted moisturizer for your body. Keeps things soft and tan. This is great for pale skinned people because it doesn’t turn you orange. I used this for my senior prom because a nude dress on pale skin needs some extra color, in my opinion.

Jergens Tan

It looked great… at first. I had another prom the next weekend and within that week, I didn’t apply any more, causing it to fade not so great. It ended up being kind of blotchy and gross, but that might be my bad since I didn’t keep reapplying it. If you do that, you should be fine. Also remember to EXFOLIATE!

Another self tanning product that I used and loved was St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Lotion . I got mine from Amazon for less than $10 here,

I used this a couple times and it was amazing. Probably my favorite self tanner to date. It’s a mousse so it goes on smooth and it’s comes out dark so you can see where you’re applying it. This actually did not fade badly. It gradually faded to pale again (which is fine when I just wanted to test it out). You could also build this up to your desired shade.

One thing I will say about this is I got a better distribution of product without the gloves or towel. The first time I just exfoliated and applied with my hands. Although my hands turned a very dark shade, it came off with a few vigorous washes and a shower. I also tried applying with a face towel. This worked fine I guess, but I feel like lots of the product was being soaked up by the towel. Either way you decide to use it, it will give a great tan.

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Those are some of my tips for getting a good glow, I hope it helped a bit! What are some of your tanning remedies for the summer? I need more ideas!


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