End of Junior Year Recap

junior year

Hello there! My junior year of college has come to an end. This year was filled with ups and downs and it flew by. It is so sad to think that next year will be my last at ISU. Finals are coming up and I am procrastinating by writing a little reflection on what I have learned during these two crazy semesters.

Apartments! riverdale

Junior year was my first year living in an apartment! Finally out of the dorms and living with my best friend (at the time), his friend (yes two boys), and a complete stranger (a girl), that knew my friend. Everything started off great until it got hard living with three people, all sharing one common space.

I learned that everyone has roommate problems. Try not to live with close friends unless you have known each other for years and years. Meeting new people is fun. Remember that having roommates is hard and you have to be considerate of the other people you are living with.

Junior level classes!

Junior year was my first year taking all my major classes! Finally, right? After taking two years of gen ed classes, I got to find out what I am really passionate about. Lots of ups and downs with classes this year. One of the downs: accounting. I don’t know how anyone can do this. I heard it’s supposed to be easy, but it just did not click with me. And I love math too! But, some of the ups: I had this amazing marketing research class where we got to do real research for a real company that they can actually use to improve their brand. This year, I found out I enjoy marketing. I even played around with the idea of joining the marketing analytics club here on campus.

I learned that taking classes is a great way to find out what you actually want to do, because I still don’t have any idea. I learned that major classes aren’t as scary as they seem. Growing up isn’t as scary as it seems. Take what you’re interested in! It’ll make your life easier. (Also, Rate My Professors is a lifesaver)


Junior year was the year I hit one year with Leo! March 3rd. We celebrated by just spending a nice night in watching movies and enjoying each others company. That’s pretty much our favorite thing to do. Even our relationship had some ups and downs. We grew a lot as a couple this year as well. I think going into our second summer together we are stronger together and individually. We will always be there for each other to help grow. I cant wait to see what the next year holds for us.

I learned that just because you are a couple, doesn’t mean you can’t grow as individuals. relationships are about supporting each other, not just getting mad when the other is going through something. Be there for each other. There is no perfect couple. Enjoy it!

As this year comes to a close I learned a lot about friendships, relationships, and myself. This has been a great year of creating for me. I love having ideas for the future and I had a lot this year. Taking major classes really opened my mind to what I am able to do. And I want to do just about everything. So just remember to never stop learning. Let me know how your year went!

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