DIY Tea Tree Oil Face Scrub

I have had skin problems almost my whole life. I tried everything from doctors prescriptions, to store brand scrubs, to homemade things. My favorite is the homemade stuff. I do still use daily face washed from the drug store (I like Biore and Neutrogena), but twice a week I use my favorite DIY Tea Tree Oil Scrub.

How it works:

Here’s how to make it and why I put it in the scrub. Made with all natural ingredients you could probably find around the house. Everything serves its purpose.

1. Start off with a base.

For my base I used a mixture of unused coffee grounds. Weird right? But coffee is actually very beneficial in wakening up your skin so to say. Its infused with antioxidants that can help with aging and wrinkles. Obviously it wont turn back time, but it can help prevent or prolong the process. It’s also a great exfoliant. It will help open up your pores and leave your skin feeling smooth.

2. Next, keep that skin smooth by locking in moisture.

For my moisturizer, I used the famous coconut oil. Again, reading my other blog posts you can see how much I love this one. I just warmed up a little coconut oil and mixed it in with the coffee grounds. Depending on how oily or dry your skin is, you’re going to want to test out the texture before applying. I like mine pretty oily because I have dry skin (especially in the winter) and because I don’t have to put my normal moisturizer on after I wash my face. Your skin will feel amazing.

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3. A little something extra.

For this I use green tea leaves. My mom is an avid green tea drinker, and now, so am I. Green tea has so many amazing benefits, you should be drinking it everyday. That’s why I added it in my recipe. It is packed with antioxidants that help aging as well as anti-inflammatory agents that can help with redness and acts as a skin toner. This also adds a little more exfoliation power so if that’s not something you’re looking for you don’t have to add it. But I think it helps as someone who struggled with uneven skin tones.

4. Acne treatment.

I struggled with acne for a very long time until I heard about this one. I just add a few drops of this baby in the scrub and its done! This helped me with my overall acne issue. Remember, this cannot be ingested so be careful of that and avoid the eye area a bit more if you add this since it can cause irritation.


I hope you guys try this one out! It’s one of my favorites and I use it one or two times a week since it is so exfoliating. You should exfoliate, but not too much. And as always do a test that is not on your face to see if you get any sort of irritation. It worked for me so I’m hoping it works for you! Let me know what you think!

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